Royal Oak 2019 1.jpg

Royal Oak has been both a band and a group of friends for as long as they can remember, and although the form and names of the band have changed over time, 15 years of friendship has been the common thread. Having grown up in the suburbs of Vancouver learning their instruments together, Royal Oak has entered their prime as one cohesive unit, rather than four people playing music.


This makes for the tightest possible live show. The chemistry of these long-time band mates is undeniable, whether it’s the on-stage dynamic energy, the off-stage passion in their songwriting, or even simple showtime banter between songs. Ever straddling the boundary between perfection and feeling, Royal Oak is sure to deliver an engaging and energetic live show that keeps you wanting more. With an ambitious Western Canadian tour (2017) and full-scale Canadian tour (2018) behind them, and even bigger plans for 2019, the group is always ready to take their show on the road and get audiences on their feet.


On their 2018 release ‘Pretend’, and more recently, on their anthemic new single “White Lies”, Royal Oak has successfully paired indie rock vibes with a modern pop sensibility, presenting music that is clean and controlled, and yet bursting at the seams with energy. this is a band that has clearly found their sound.  On 2018’s ‘Pretend’, the band teamed up with producer/mix engineer Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Said the Whale), and crafted standout tracks like “Tell Me”, with its overblown synthy charm, and “Mistakes”, a bubbly duet with Vancouverite songstress Chersea. Not ones to fix something that ain’t broke, the four joined Worsley again for a new batch of songs, pushing things even further into sleek pop territory. Time and time again, the band proves you can craft memorable hooks with an indie aesthetic, while adding a little adventurous spirit into every track.


With a large touring repertoire under their belt, and the gusto in their music to back it up, Royal Oak works tirelessly at carving out their own spot in the Canadian music scene, and people are starting to take notice – the future is looking bright.